Half Bit Earrings

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"Jewelry has always been an obsession for me. As a little girl I could sit for hours on my mother's bed going through her jewlery box. I began making jewelry at a very early age from colored telephone wires and bubble gum wrappers. As a college student at Denison University I majored in fine art, specializing in intaglio etching printmaking, where metal is etched using a fine stylus. My jewelry is made in a similar way by carving wax with very fine tools in order to create detail. 

The process begins with an idea inspired by things around me. It could be patterns from the beautiful Spanish architecture where I resided for eighteen years or simple forms found in nature and everyday objects. These ideas keep me awake at night until I can see the finished product in my mind. Then it is time to sit down on my bench and get to work. 

Horses are a recurring theme in my work. Riding is my other passion and horses just keep popping into my jewelry. I now reside in Wellington, Florida, where horses are very present. My two small boys also inspire me to be more playful with my designs. Constant exploration of new ways to carve, and melt wax to shapes that are then cast into metal fascinates me. 

When working with my hands I am reminded that I have the power to create objects that will last forever." -Michel McNabb

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