Full Size 2" Grey English Brush

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Upgrade and improve your grooming kit with Champion Brush Company's Wood Back Grey English Stiff Brush. Professionally designed, the fibers aid to loosen and remove caked mud or tough stains from the horse's coat. Featuring a blend of 70% horse hair to ensure a smooth glossy coat, while the 30% polypropylene filaments are specially extruded to be gentler on the skin, provide better flexibility, and a longer life. The varnished wood back will stand up to everyday grooming use!

  • Durable Varnished Wood Handle
  • Stiff 1 1/2" Bristles
  • 70% Horsehair; 30% Polypropylene Construction
  • Convenient Medium Brush Size
  • 7 1/2" Length X 2" Width 
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